1. Does DevelApped offer Continuing Professional Education credits for educators?
No. DevelApped is not an approved provider for CPE credits. School entities may use segments and resources of DevelApped for their educators that will address the CPE credits as determined by your state.

2. How many videos are in the Professional DevelAppment Series?
DevelApped categorizes video segments into the five clusters of program development: research, planning, implementation, evaluation and feedback, and ongoing support. Video segments and resources will continually be added and updated based upon the questions and requests of users as well as updates within the field.

3. Does my staff need to watch all of the video segments in the series in order to make positive changes to instructional delivery?
No. DevelApped is designed to address the unique roles of administrators, teachers, and staff through focused segments. All videos contain a brief description of content as well as the intended audience. The user can make the determination to watch the segment. Although video segments are released in order of episodes, content knowledge is not prerequisite to other segments.

4. How is pricing of segments determined?
Pricing of DevelApped segments is based on the number of users as well as time allotment. Our unique platform allows for both school entities and individuals to customize their own professional development experience in a fiscally responsible manner. You pay only for what you want and need.

5. Why is there a price reduction to $9.99 for 51 or more users?
It is our belief at DevelApped that professional development needs to be cost-effective for school entities so that all educators have the opportunity to grow as professionals to improve student learning and achievement.

6. Does the price remain at $9.99 for 51+ users even after a year or more?
Yes. The price for 51+ users will remain $9.99 after any amount of time from last use.

7. If an administrator purchases licenses for faculty and staff, does each user have 3 days of unlimited views once they register?
Yes. The administrator must purchase the licences for all users and shares a group link with team members. Once a team member is registered, the user has unlimited views of the video for 3 days.