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The Blended Learning Professional DevelAppment Series identifies critical components necessary for the successful implementation of online learning within the school system in order to improve student learning and achievement. The series is designed to answer questions and spark ideas to create an educational environment that allows for students to have some elements of control over time, place, path, and pace of their learning through the use of online and face-to-face modes of instructional delivery. Through the customization of professional development, the user has the opportunity to view individual segments that are relevant to the unique roles of administrators, teachers, and staff and make significant contributions to the transition to blended learning.

Research is the starting point of transitioning to educational initiatives. This cluster compiles research pertaining to blended learning including terminology, emerging models, and how to create the path for successful implementation.

Episode 1

Title: Blended Learning, The Starting Point

Content: Synthesis of current research that includes relevant terminology and emerging models of blended learning.

Intended Audience: Teachers, Administrators, Aspiring Administrators, Paraeducators, and Technology Staff

Segment: 1

Time: 35:37

Episode 2

Title: Blended Learning, The Map

Content: Includes five steps of program development as it pertains to transition to blended learning: Research,
Planning, Implementation, Reciprocal Feedback and Evaluation, and Ongoing Support

Intended Audience: Administrators, Aspiring Administrators, Teacher Leaders, Teachers, Technology Staff

Segment: 2

Time: 26:04

Coming in 2018

The Planning cluster addresses the necessary components of planning that create, prepare, implement, and monitor new initiatives. This cluster addresses the process of transitioning to blended learning for administrators who will lead and supervise the shift to this formal education program in a logical and sequential manner.

Coming in 2018

The successful implementation of any educational initiative is the end result that administrators, teachers, and staff work to attain. The Implementation cluster in the blended learning series addresses the implementation process in three specific phases of program development for a smooth transition.

Coming in 2018

Evaluation and feedback are important to gather when implementing any new initiative. This cluster addresses the need for both types of stakeholder communication that will drive the transition to blended learning as well as determine its effectiveness within the classroom environment.

Coming Soon with Subscription Service

Ongoing support for educational programs is critical for its success. The Ongoing Support cluster is part of the subscription service and addresses topics of interest that the user has pertaining to blended learning. Ongoing support is provided in 10-minute videos that will answer questions and expand the user’s understanding of blended learning in the classroom environment.